How to get product's video using raw SQL in Magento 1?

I want to get a video's of product which is saved in Magento 1 for export purpose. I tried to find it in magento_catalog_product_entity_media_gallery against attribute_id(for video) from magento_eav_attribute. But got nothing.

So tried to get different attributes assigned in magento_catalog_product_entity_media_gallery just to check if I am doing something wrong but got records from different attributes not for videos -

SELECT e.attribute_code, e.attribute_id, count(g.attribute_id) AS cnt FROM magento_eav_attribute as e LEFT JOIN magento_catalog_product_entity_media_gallery AS g ON g.attribute_id = e.attribute_id GROUP BY e.attribute_code HAVING cnt;

I am wondering in which table we can find video records in Magento 1?

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